Truth in Action Q&A – What Does The Bible Teach About Islam?




What is the religion of Islam really about? Do its followers worship the same God of Abraham that Christians do? This short booklet summaries the key facts about Islam that every Christian should know and understand in order to speak to those who are still caught in the grip of this false religion.

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The religion of Islam, which appeared on the world scene in the 7th century A.D., is still a mystery to many Christians, even to some who may have encountered a follower of the prophet Muhammad. More and more of his followers are showing up in America, driven to seek refuge from the terror and economic devastation caused in their own countries by their radical Muslim brothers, but still holding on to their traditions and beliefs.

What do we need to know and understand about this world-religion? Is it truly a religion of peace, with just a few outliers causing the havoc we see in countries around the world? Is there any contradiction between Islam and Christianity?

This small booklet presents key facts and information about Islam that are helpful to anyone seeking to have a better understanding of this religion and those who practice it. If you have ever found yourself at a loss to explain the differences between Christianity and Islam, this little booklet will help you do so. It gives clear easy-to-digest talking points that will prepare you for the next time you engage in a conversation about this controversial religion.


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