Truth in Action Q&A – What Does The Bible Teach About Immigration?




This Truth In Action Q & A booklet deals with the thorny issue of immigration, presenting both sides of the argument concerning “open immigration,” and responding with Biblically-informed answers that you can share with those on both sides of the issue.

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Immigration is a thorny subject. As a nation rooted in a Christian tradition, we have hearts tuned to the immigrant experience. Many share that experience, tracing their own families back to Ellis Island. Yet, now, across the globe, we see war, genocide, and ethnic cleansing causing millions to seek refuge outside of their homelands, with many showing up at America’s borders.

What should be our response to the current crisis of immigration? We cannot fault those who are desperate to find safety or economic security, but some are advocating unconstrained immigration—even welcoming anyone and everyone who would seek entry into our country.

The Bible gives us some clear directives on this topic. This small booklet summarizes the arguments on both sides of the issue and provides a Biblically based response with well-reasoned answers to the frequent questions and comments you will hear surrounding this issue—answers you can share with Christians and non—Christians alike.

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