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Packed with Scripture, this short booklet addresses a wide range of today’s “hot” topics and serves as a biblical guide to help you better understand the issues facing our nation today. It gives clear scriptural truth to combat the lies being promulgated in today’s culture.

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This short booklet, packed with Scripture, will not only serve as a biblical guide to help you better understand important issues facing our nation today — based on God’s standards of truth — but will also equip you to have clear answers for others in the midst of the current cultural noise.

Issues and Answers from God’s Word addresses a range of “hot” topics debated on cable talk shows and in Washington, D.C., such as:

  • Capital Punishment
  • Economics
  • Education
  • God & Government
  • Homosexuality
  • Marriage & Family
  • National Defense
  • Parental Rights & Duties
  • Pornography
  • Religious Liberty
  • School Prayer
  • and more

Each section features key verses addressing these important issues along with a succinct statement by Dr. D. James Kennedy that provides a context for the biblical texts.

His rational, straightforward approach to the Word of God has helped thousands know Christ and better understand the Bible, while focusing on the question of your eternal well-being

God’s standards for truth are needed now more than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your copy of this valuable booklet.


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