Invasion: The Left’s Long March on Christian America


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On this ministry-exclusive DVD, Invasion: The Left’s Long March on Christian America. You will hear from noted author and speaker Dr. Os Guinness as he looks at the cultural moment we are in, including the Marxist thinkers who still influence much of the educational system and our media today. And popular author and podcaster, Alisa Childers weighs in on how Leftist beliefs are hijacking many once–faithful churches—exposing “woke” evangelical Christianity.

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It’s an “invasion,” but one done with stealth. And it has been going on for decades, as Oxford-educated scholar Os Guinness explains in his insightful talk. The Left knew it could not take over America at once. It had to play the long game—winning hearts and minds and gaining control, as Guinness notes, in higher education, the media, Hollywood … even business.

And now the Left is invading the evangelical church, winning adherents to “progressive Christianity,” as popular author Alisa Childers explains. Almost beguiled by its claims herself, Childers describes her path back to Biblical faith. And she offers an urgent warning about the inroads this other gospel is making into evangelical Christianity.

The radicals of the 1960s have captured the commanding heights of American culture and are now inside the church, as you’ll discover in this eye-opening look at the Left’s subversive bid to oust Christianity and enthrone socialism. We’re in a “civilizational moment,” insists Guinness, and Christians must act. “Every American is responsible for the American republic,” he contends, and Christians must do what they can to “seize this moment for the Lord.”

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