10 Truths About America’s Christian Heritage



America was founded as a nation built on Christian principles and beliefs. Yet that fact is denied in history books and schools across our nation. This handy paperback book reveals America’s true origins and the strength that is ours if we will only claim that heritage.

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Was America founded as a Christian nation or conceived as a secular state?

Pundits on radio and TV, lawyers in courtrooms, and teachers and students in classrooms all debate this question. Secularists claim there is no evidence for America’s Christian roots and deny the evidence presented. Most Americans, however, still believe that our nation owes its existence and its prosperity to our founder’s allegiance to Christianity and its teachings.

America is the longest enduring constitutional republic, but any nation that forgets its roots cannot long endure. Is America now poised to abandon our forefathers’ aims to establish a nation where freedom reigns, where the rights of all are protected under a Constitution inspired by Christian principles?

These ten truths about America’s Christian heritage show the true roots of our nation’s origin and the strength that came from this heritage:

  • TRUTH 1 America Was Begun as a “Church Relocation Project”
  • TRUTH 2 The Founders Recognized God as the Source of Liberty and Law
  • TRUTH 3 Christian Zeal Fueled the American Revolution
  • TRUTH 4 “Our Constitution Was Made Only for a Moral and Religious People”
  • TRUTH 5 Our Republic Rests Upon One Book, the Bible
  • TRUTH 6 Every State Constitution Acknowledges God
  • TRUTH 7 America’s Schools Were Formed to Advance the Christian Faith
  • TRUTH 8 Foreign Nations Acknowledge Our Christian Roots and Heritage
  • TRUTH 9 Presidents, Congresses, and Our Capitol all Acknowledge God
  • TRUTH 10 The Courts Have Declared We Are a Christian Nation


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