Who is This Jesus: Is He Risen?



Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Jerry Newcombe address a question that is still significant and essential to humanity today: “Who is Jesus?” They present the evidence of His physical resurrection as a powerful defense against skepticism and opposing theories, thereby pointing people to His identity as the Son of God and true Savior.

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For centuries a question has managed to altogether baffle, excite, frustrate, and delight people everywhere: Who is Jesus? Many know Him to be the Son of God, others believe that He is a prophet, and still others think that He was an obscure Biblical figure who claimed to be the Messiah. But who is He really? The truth is that Jesus was everything He said He was. He fulfilled every prophecy predicted about Him and accomplished everything He said He would. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence for His Divinity and also one that sets Him apart from the false deities of other religions is His physical resurrection.

Authors, Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Jerry Newcombe peer into the empty tomb and present evidence for the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. They answer the arguments of skeptics who claim that the body was stolen, that Christ never died on the Cross, or that His followers fell victim to mass hallucination. This book also includes compelling scientific information about the Shroud of Turin as well as the complete transcript of the nationally televised documentary, also titled Who Is This Jesus: Is He Risen?

This book dispels the many accusations and false theories about Jesus’ resurrection by explicating the immutable facts that support it. It reveals the undeniable evidence behind the truth behind Jesus’ claim that He was, in fact, the Son of God.

Who is this Jesus? He is Risen is meant to strengthen your faith in His resurrected Son and remind you of His magnificent power in conquering death. It reveals that Jesus really is the single most important person to ever walk this earth. He transformed the face of history forever, and He continues to transform lives to this day.


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