Modern Myths Exposed (Book)



Volume 1 of The Kennedy Collection
Dr. D. James Kennedy demolishes four modern myths, such as “all religions are basically the same,” with biblical truth.

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Dr. D. James Kennedy was a true “myth buster.” He never missed the opportunity to preach the truth in the face of common myths that prevail in our culture today. This set of messages, collected here in the first volume in the new
Kennedy Collection, were preached over the span of thirty-two years of ministry, Dr. Kennedy exposes and counters with biblical truth four mistaken ideas that have shipwrecked the faith of many.

Myth 1 — All Religions Are Basically the Same
Myth 2 — Archeology Disproves the Bible
Myth 3 — The Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection Contradict Each Other
Myth 4 — There Is No Life After Death

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