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The D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible is perhaps the most ambitious project this ministry has undertaken. This incredible resource offers you a vast collection of notes, commentaries, and articles featuring Dr. D. James Kennedy’s personal insight from over 50 years of study of God’s Word and Christian ministry.

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D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible enables you to dwell in God’s Word and enjoy the words of the Word along with key notes and teachings drawn from Dr. Kennedy’s lifetime of study and research of the Bible. The collection of both topical and exegetical notes and comments included in this Bible spans a wide range of subjects, touching on themes in a way that you will not see in any other study Bible.

In addition to culling key content from the enormous library of Dr. Kennedy’s broadcast messages and his previously published material, many of the notes included in this unique Bible are drawn from sermons delivered to his congregation but never broadcast or published. This has provided the opportunity to create fresh annotations and new study notes, and content treating topics related to biblical worldview, as well as practical applications for Christian living.

Never before has a study Bible like this been produced. Among its special features are:

  • the most wide-ranging collection of Dr. Kennedy’s wealth of wisdom available in any one volume
  • a comprehensive easy-to-use index directing you to notes on key topical themes
  • notes and comments drawn from the thousands of messages delivered over the course of Dr. Kennedy’s nearly fifty years of study of the Word and Christian ministry
  • answers to questions like: Does the Bible teach socialism? Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews worship the same God? Is civil disobedience ever justified? Is the theory of a “Just War” a biblical concept? Does the Bible speak to the question of gender identity?

Now you can experience Dr. Kennedy’s Bible-based teaching in a rich new way through the notes and materials that are included in this one-of-a-kind Bible. The notes, comments, and brief articles included in this Bible are grouped into twelve “mega-themes”

  • Christian Living
  • Church
  • Doctrines
  • Education
  • Family
  • Humanity
  • Nation
  • Personalities in the Bible
  • Profiles: Lives Touched
  • World
  • The Apostles’ Creed
  • The Westminster Confession

For each theme, the articles and notes related to it are linked from one to the next, enabling the Bible student to follow a particular theme through the entire Bible, thus gaining a broad overview and understanding of that topic.


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