The New Gatekeepers: Censoring Christians in the Digital age



Four Big Tech companies have become the new “gatekeepers” of information and knowledge—allowing only those to pass who espouse their preferred ideology. This book explains what’s at stake, and gives you specific steps to take to protect your freedoms.

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The digital age has opened new doors for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as never before. It also has brought new challenges to our personal privacy and to our rights and freedoms of speech and religious expression.

Four Big Tech companies in particular have become the new “gatekeepers” of information and knowledge—allowing some to pass through their digital portals, but preventing others who don’t espouse their preferred ideology. One of their chief executives even admits that Silicon Valley “is an extremely Left-leaning place.” How this works, who is behind it, and how it’s affecting each of us are the subjects of this exposé.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have made themselves seemingly “indispensable” to us in our daily lives. But at what price? They have established virtual monopolies in their fields. And they use those monopolies to censor Christian and conservative speech, enforcing a politically correct, far-Left orthodoxy under the guise of technological innovation. From issues like abortion to same-sex marriage, these “gatekeepers” are determining what you can and cannot see—while silencing Christians and conservatives in the name of “tolerance.” As this exposé points out, these companies “believe they know what is best for you and they are actively engaged in transporting you there.”

There are actions we can take, however. We do not have to passively allow ourselves to be manipulated by these Big Tech companies. This book not only explains what’s at stake, it also gives you specific steps you can take to protect your freedoms and those of your family. Now is the time to do so.


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