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George Washington tells the story of the father of our country, including his incredible sacrifices on behalf of the fledgling new nation that he helped create. His Christian faith helped him to accomplish what he did, and he told us to be a “happy nation” we must imitate Christ.

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We live in an age where the history books have been rewritten, and God has been erased. Our series of films in the Foundation of American Liberty series aims to document that what made America so free and so prosperous was our Judeo-Christian heritage. And George Washington played a pivotal role in the founding of our nation. The goal of this video is to tell the story of “the father of our nation,” including his deep Christian faith.

Written, directed and produced by Dr. Jerry Newcombe, this one hour documentary on George Washington features commentary from Dr. Peter Lillback, the founder and president emeritus of Providence Forum. Dr. Lillback and Dr. Newcombe wrote the national bestseller, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. Other experts include William J. Federer, the late Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Daniel Dreisbach, Jenna Ellis, David Gibbs III, Dr. Cal Beisner, Eric Metaxas, Rev. Travis Witt, Joyce Burges, and others.

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