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This hour-long special investigates the cross, its significance to mankind, its validity, why it was essential to redeem humanity, and its unparalleled impact on the world. Dr. D. James Kennedy, along with a panel of leading ministers and theologians, show the truth of the Gospel by addressing the questions surrounding the controversy of the cross of Jesus Christ.

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Even though the cross has become a popular cultural icon today, what many people do not know is that it was originally a symbol of torture. With this in mind one has to wonder: Why then is it the emblem of Christianity? This hour-long program investigates the cross of Jesus Christ, why it was necessary, what makes it unique, and how it has impacted mankind. With input from leading ministers and theologians, Cross Purposes gives fresh insight about a topic that has been significantly challenged over time.

Jesus is the most controversial person of all time largely because there is so much debate about who He was. While His impact on history alone as the most influential person this world has ever known supports His claims of being the one true Son of God and Savior; a close look at the cross itself further confirms that He was, in fact, everything He claimed to be.

There have been many challenges and attempts to discredit the cross and Jesus’ resurrection, both in the past and in the present, yet this truth still prevails: “In 2,000 years of history, the cross and resurrection of Christ have been at the heart of the Christian gospel. From the very beginning, the cross had its opponents. Yet there it stands, at the center of God’s eternal plan of redemption.”

Cross Purposes gives a unique take on the sacrifice that Jesus made by putting it in a historical context and showing how it was not only absolutely necessary for mankind, but is also unparalleled in its significance. Drawing from different perspectives—including Protestantism, Judaism, and Catholicism—all come to one conclusion: the Gospel is true and the cross is a necessary part of it.

Also included on this DVD is a moving personal account from Dr. D. James Kennedy on the transforming work of Jesus Christ in his own life.

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