Discerning Good and Evil – Rob’s Commentary

The Bible tells us that there’s nothing new under the sun. That certainly applies to theological liberalism, which the Church of Jesus Christ always has to guard against. But not because we’re afraid of disagreement or challenge. It’s because the very heart of what Jesus came to do is challenged when we redefine the Christian […]

Discerning Good and Evil

False teachers often want to refashion Christianity to suit the world, rather than confront the world with a call to repentance and redemption. The result is compromise and a loss of the gospel. On this week’s Truths That Transform, you’ll discover how to weed out some of the falsehoods of our own day.

Discerning Good and Evil – Opening Segment

A key insight of J. Gresham Machen in his landmark book Christianity and Liberalism was that theological liberalism wasn’t just a variety of Christianity—it was a different religion altogether. We look at this prophetic book published a century ago and how it sheds light on the battles that the Christian church faces here in 2024 […]