Training Your Children – Rob’s Commentary

God gives Christian parents the command to educate their children. And, first and foremost, that means instilling them with the truth of God’s Word. He doesn’t do this because he’s a taskmaster, it’s because he loves us. But it’s difficult to teach our children about God, if we don’t have a relationship with Him.

Training Your Children – Opening Segment

Though there are many faithful Christians working in our public schools to be salt and light, schools are increasingly becoming indoctrination centers for radical left ideology. You’ll discover how and why that’s happening as we look at one particular hot-button issue leading children away from truth and into madness — on this episode of Truths […]

Training Your Children

We take a look at how indoctrination has replaced education in public schools. Then, Dr. Kennedy tells the story of Christian children in the Byzantine Empire who were abducted and indoctrinated. They were called the Janissaries, and their example warns us today on this episode of Truths That Transform.

Absolute Truth – Opening Segment

Today, universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale have become infamous as hotbeds of radical atheism and antisemitism. But these schools were outwardly Christian for the first centuries of their existence. We look at the vital connection between Christianity and education — on this week’s Truths That Transform.

Absolute Truth – Rob’s Commentary

Atheists like to portray Christians as being anti-intellectual, driven by flowery feelings rather than facts and logic. Unfortunately, that has indeed been the case for all too many Christians over the past century or two. But if we are to truly obey Jesus—and to truly love Him—we are to engage our minds.

Absolute Truth

There was a time when people used to argue about what was true. Now they doubt whether anything is true at all. Many even believe that you have to reject God to find truth. But the Bible tells us the exact opposite is true. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and it’s […]