Who Stole the Truth? – Truths That Transform

As America has drifted further away from truth—and been pushed there by those who reject God—our culture has become more chaotic, divided, confused, and angry. On this week’s “Truths That Transform,” we investigate the attack on truth itself and the devastating way that’s affecting our children.

Who Stole the Truth? – Rob’s Commentary

In April, parents of preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders in Dewitt, Michigan received a letter from the public elementary school informing them that their kids would be having a special pronoun lesson listening to a book called “They She He Me–Free to Be.” The children would practice using “they/them” pronouns for individuals, and learn that […]

Who Stole the Truth? – Opening Segment

There are none in our society more vulnerable than our children. Yet there are entire industries devoted to confusing them and sexualizing them—and it has flooded into our educational system. You’ll hear firsthand from Elena Barbera, an American mom, who decided to expose it by making the new documentary, “American Groomer: The Kids Are Not […]

A Time to Remember – Opening Segment

To hear many of our elites tell the story, America is merely a colonialist, racist, oppressive product of unenlightened European men. Of course, this dishonors the service of all those who have given their lives to defend this country. We look together at the question: “Is America still worth fighting for?” — on this week’s […]

A Time to Remember – Rob’s Commentary

Memorial Day is when we stop to remember those who have paid the ultimate price to defend our freedoms in America. Jesus tells us, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” During our picnics and barbecues this weekend, we have a solemn duty to, in their […]

A Time to Remember – Truths That Transform

On this Memorial Day Weekend, we examine the truths of the nation our brave soldiers have fought and died for and consider the question, “Is America still worth fighting for?” Also, as we remember America’s fallen heroes, we look back to the greatest sacrifice of all.

Keeping the Faith in a Faithless Age – Rob’s Commentary

Have you heard of the rise of so-called Exvangelicals? Exvangelicals are those who were once in evangelical churches but have walked away and deconstructed whatever faith they had. They’ve developed a virtual cottage industry of books and articles, interviews, and tweets about how badly damaged they feel from growing up in a Bible-believing church. But […]

Keeping the Faith in a Faithless Age

On this week’s Truths That Transform, you’ll discover how to keep the faith in a faithless age. And we look at how the left might be trying to steal your church—and what to do about it.

Discerning Good and Evil – Rob’s Commentary

The Bible tells us that there’s nothing new under the sun. That certainly applies to theological liberalism, which the Church of Jesus Christ always has to guard against. But not because we’re afraid of disagreement or challenge. It’s because the very heart of what Jesus came to do is challenged when we redefine the Christian […]