The Greatest Struggle

We often get discouraging news on the state of our nation. But on this week’s “Truths That Transform,” you’ll meet some Christian legislators who are faithfully living out their faith in Washington, D.C. And, you’ll be encouraged by the promises of God that you and I can—and will—be effective in this world.

The Greatest Struggle – Opening Segment

Our Center for Christian Statesmanship in Washington, D.C. recently honored South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as our 2023 Distinguished Christian Statesman. He was introduced by one of our previous Distinguished Christian Statesmen honorees, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. Here’s a portion of Senator Lankford’s remarks. You will be inspired and emboldened by someone who is, […]

The Greatest Struggle – Rob’s Commentary

Our modern media is devoted to making you think things are hopeless so that you’ll become apathetic. And to the naked eye, we would have to admit that many things on the social and political front look pretty bleak right now. But God instructs Christians to walk by faith and not by sight. While we […]