What Can One Person Do?

What can one person do full episode

The secular world wants Christians to stay out of politics. And too often, Christians agree. But that’s not God’s directive. Discover what we’re doing to bring biblical truth to bear in Washington, D.C., and find out how God can use you to transform our nation on this week’s “Truths That Transform.”

What Can One Person Do? – Rob’s Commentary

Wise people have noted that truth is like a road. There’s a ditch on either side of it that you want to steer clear of. When it comes to the church’s relationship with the world, one of those ditches we must avoid is putting our faith in politics and political leaders for salvation. But there’s […]

What Can One Person Do? – Opening Segment

Meet William Russell, the new executive director of the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship in Washington, D.C. William was a senior advisor to President Donald Trump, and he will be expanding our ministry in the corridors of government power and on Capitol Hill, making a difference for the Kingdom of God — on […]